10 International Taco Bell Menu Items You Must Try

Brb, booking a multi-city ticket to all the Taco Bells now…

International Taco Bell Menu Items

Ever gotten hunger pangs at 3 AM? Then you are probably no stranger to Taco Bell and its extensive menu of Mexican-inspired fast food. It is one of the biggest fast food chains in the U.S., serving over 2 billion customers every single year!

Over the years, Taco Bell has released some interesting menu items in select U.S. storefronts (we’re looking at you, Kit Kat chocoladillas!). But, did you know about the unique foods you can get at their many worldwide locations?

To celebrate National Taco Day, we’re putting together our list of 10 delicious Taco Bell menu items from all across the globe!

International Taco Bell Menu Items
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1. Cheesy Core Burrito (Japan)

Cheesy Core Burrito Taco Bell Menu Japan
Photo Credits: @tacobelljp

Taco Bell may have less than 10 locations in Japan, but that hasn’t stopped it from coming up with delightfully delicious menu items. From the Okonomiyaki burrito earlier this year to the gorgeous Cheesy Core Burrito, you will have plenty of unique options when trying out a Japanese Taco Bell.

As the name suggests, the Cheesy Core Burrito is a meaty burrito wrapped around a melty, gooey cheese center. Sound familiar? The Cheesy Core was a special menu item in the U.S. in 2016, but has since quietly disappeared. The good news is, if you missed out in 2016, you can still taste all the cheesy goodness in Japan!

2. Kickin’ Paneer Gordita (India)

Kickin' Paneer Gordita Taco Bell Menu India
Photo Credits: @tacobellindia

Taco Bell is rapidly expanding in India, with plans to open 600 new storefronts in the next decade. Due to India’s large vegetarian population, their local Taco Bell stores have introduced some amazing veggie options to the menu.

For example, the Kickin’ Paneer Gordita hit the Indian market this summer and already has its hardcore fans! Paneer (a fresh cheese, if you’re unfamiliar) curds are combined with lettuce, tangy salsa, and the iconic Kickin’ sauce for a delicious and satisfying snack.

3. Cheetos Crunchwrap Supreme (Canada)

Cheetos Crunchwrap Supreme Canada
Photo Credits: @tacobellcanada

If you think Taco Bells in Canada serve the exact same thing as Taco Bells in the U.S., think again. Sure, there are many similar menu items, including the Chalupa Supreme and the Mexican Pizza. On the other hand, Taco Bell Canada has the fan-favorite Cheetos Crunchwrap Supreme.

It’s hard to accurately describe a Taco Bell Crunchwrap, but we’ll try. Imagine a hexagonal tostada shell stuffed to the brim with beef, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and sour cream. Now imagine that stuffed with cheetos and you’ll understand why some people literally crossed north of the border to eat this.

4. Loaded Fries (UK, Chile, Philippines, Aruba and more)

 Loaded Fries Taco Bell Aruba Menu
Photo Credits: @tacobellaruba

When Taco Bell announced that they were removing the much-beloved Nacho Fries from the menu earlier this year, people were (understandably) devastated. Then, in the summer, it came back, but only for a limited time. If it seems like Taco Bell is playing with your heart, then you should look across to many of their international locales, which serve delicious loaded fries on their regular menus!

Chile has the Papas Supremas while our friends over in the U.K. have the Fully Loaded Fries. Although they have different names, both are essentially fries topped with meat, melted cheese, tomatoes and a dollop of sour cream. They may not quite be Nacho Fries Supreme, but delicious nevertheless!

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5. Bulgogi Taco & Burrito (South Korea)

Bulgogi Taco Taco Bell Korea
Photo Credits: @tacobellkr

Combine your love of both Mexican and Korean cuisine in this delectable fusion dish! The Bulgogi Taco (and Burrito) was introduced back in 2013 and has since returned to the menu. Featuring a sweet yet savory meat topped with shredded lettuce, cheese, rice, and Taco Bell’s fiesta salsa, this dish is thoroughly delightful.

If you’re trying out the Bulgogi Taco while in South Korea, we suggest checking out some of their other popular menu items, including the ever-popular Kimchi Quesadillas.

6. Chocodilla (Spain, U.K., Philippines, India, Guatemala and more)

Chocodilla Taco Bell Spain Menu Item
Photo Credits: @tacobellspain

Ever wondered what a dessert quesadilla would taste like? With the Chocodilla, you don’t have to. This simple yet scrumptious dessert quesadilla is essentially just melted chocolate wrapped in a grilled flour tortilla. The magic, however, is with the chocolate itself.

For example, the Philippines has experimented with a Nutella version, while the U.K. debuted their Kit Kat variant long before the U.S. did. Guatemala even had a Butterfingers Chocodilla back in 2014!

7. Cheetos Quesadillas (Philippines)

Cheetos Quesadilla Philippines
Photo Credits: @tacobellphl

Ok, we’re cheating just a little bit with this one, because you can’t technically get this anymore. The Cheetos Quesadilla was released back in 2016 to much excitement in the Philippines, but is no longer on their regular menu. Even so, we’re biased towards anything Cheetos and we just couldn’t resist putting it in this list.

The Cheetos Quesadilla is a simple quesadilla stuffed with Jalepeno-flavored Cheetos and oodles and oodles of cheese. What’s not to love?

8. Much Spicier Fire & Hot Sauces (Thailand, India)

Fire and Hot Sauce Taco Bell India and Thailand Menu
Photo Credits: @tacobellth

Taco Bell opened its first ever restaurant in Thailand just this year with a menu that is very much catered towards local preferences. Chockful of pork and chicken options, you won’t be able to find any beef or beans (pause to gasp). This is simply because consumer research has shown that these are what Thai people want.

Another thing that Thai people prefer? Spicier sauces. In fact, according to Taco Bell, India and Thailand feature the hottest sauces on their menu. So, if you’re a spice fiend like we are, it’s definitely worth a try!

9. Greek Burrito and Taco (Cyprus)

The Greek Burrito, which can be found in the Taco Bell of Cyprus, takes the classic Mexican burrito and turns it into a Mediterranean delight. The magic ingredient? Tzatziki sauce.

If you’ve never tried Mediterranean cuisine, firstly, you’re really missing out. Secondly, tzatziki sauce is a yogurt-based sauce mixed with cucumbers, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice and herbs. I don’t know about you, but I’m down for almost anything with tzatziki sauce.

10. Crispy Potaco (India)

Crispy Potaco Taco Bell Menu India
Photo Credits: @tacobellindia

Here’s another one for our vegetarian friends! In 2018, Taco Bell India introduced the Crispy Potaco, a veggie-friendly taco which has a shell made out of, well, potatoes. It is wrapped around shredded lettuce, cheese, and Fiesta salsa, then topped off with a spicy ranch sauce.

Be warned: Indians love their food spicy, and the Potaco is no different. It may look deceptively mild, but the potatoes are actually spiced and pack a punch!

Did we miss any unique Taco Bell menu items from your country? Drop us a comment on any of our socials below and let us know!

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