11 Motivational Monday Quotes that’ll FIRE You Up For Work Mornings

Get rid of your Monday blues with these inspiring quotes.

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If there was a global survey, we’re pretty sure most people would vote Monday as their least favorite day of the week. No one likes going to sleep on Sunday, crawling out of bed at 6am – with an entire week of work looming ahead. However, maybe our list of 11 motivational Monday quotes can help you feel a tad bit better.

Let’s be honest. Reading a bunch of quotes won’t fully ease your Monday morning blues. But we’re sure they’ll at least inspire a stronger mindset for you to seize the work day with greater success!

Motivational quotes to improve your Mondays and help you succeed at work.

1. Get through the grind

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Jeannette Coron’s words are especially inspiring when it comes to motivational Monday quotes for work.

You aren’t the only one staring down dreaded Mondays. Millions of others also struggle to get themselves out of bed, wishing they didn’t need to head to the office.

However, while many of us deal with the same routine, not everyone succeeds equally at work.

And what often separates those who succeed from the ones that falter is the ability to push through the grind.

In short, people who pull their socks up and get to work without complaining tend to do better at their jobs. They invest the time and effort to deliver results.

This isn’t always a fun process. In fact, we’re sure there are always little mundane tasks that most people would rather not do.

However, successful people know that achieving long-term goals requires us to grind through short-term pains. It’s all about the bigger picture!

If you do the same, you’ll soon find yourself naturally getting better and better at what you do, day by day. This constant practice and endurance is part of the recipe for your success.

2. Stop mucking about

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Being the genius that he is, it’s no surprise Mark Twain offers us one of the best motivational Monday quotes to live by.

Monday morning procrastination is a common problem. It’s hard to feel enthusiastic for work when you’d rather be doing something else – like sleeping or having fun.

However, to be successful, you need to stop wasting time and actually get started with what needs to be done. Those tasks aren’t magically going to do themselves.

The good news is once you move past the initial interia, things become easier. You get ‘in the zone’, and soon enough, you’re blazing with productivity!

That’s really the best way to spend a Monday at work. You set the bar – while others are still dragging their feet.

3. Finding your purpose

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Joyce Meyer also gives us one of the best motivational Monday quotes for mornings at work.

Being productive is great. But, really, nothing counts for much if you aren’t guided by a broader sense of purpose.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a stay-at-home entrepreneur or go to an office. What’s important is to always make it a point to orient your work efforts to what you really want to achieve on a wider scale.

In other words, don’t mindlessly “go through the motions”. Instead, carry out each task in a purposeful way that brings you closer to the career success you want. Think bigger, and act accordingly.

Do this each and every day until it’s second nature to you. And, yes, Monday is no exception.

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4. Be passionate

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People who hate their jobs generally hate Mondays, because it means having to do what they detest for four more days in the week.

However, if you’re truly passionate about your career, it really doesn’t matter what day it is. You’ll be eager to get started, whether it’s Monday or Friday.

In short, work never really feels like work if you love what you’re doing.

So ask yourself: Are you really passionate about your job? Or are you just settling out of fear?

If it’s the latter, maybe it’s time for you to decide if it’s worth chasing a different path – one that makes you happier and more fulfilled.

In the end, you only live once. So make it count by doing the stuff that really inspires you. Who knows? Maybe you’ll come to see Mondays as any other joyous day!

5. Don’t forget kindness

Quotes about Being Kind

When it comes to motivational Monday quotes, this simple rhyme by Catherine Pulsifer really speaks to us.

It’s so easy to get obsessed with success. Most of us want to excel at the work we do.

However, for some, that goal can sometimes become all-consuming. This may eventually turn them self-centered, arrogant, or even manipulative.

To avoid becoming like this, it’s important for you to take a time-out each day to reflect on what truly matters in life: your relationships with people.

By doing so, you’ll come to better appreciate the special and unique bonds you share with others.

It thus doesn’t really matter if it’s a Monday or Friday. Every day is an equal chance to show kindness to the ones we love.

After all, life isn’t only about the hustle. Strike a balance between work and human connections. You’ll feel better from it.

6. Life is a blessing

Quotes about Monday

We know, we know! Waking up to a blaring alarm clock on Monday morning doesn’t exactly inspire thankfulness.

But think about it.

No matter life’s ups and downs, the very fact that you’re alive today is an amazing event.

Amid our vast universe of infinite time and space, there is no one else quite the same as you, living in this exact moment.

So the next time you’re feeling annoyed on a Monday morning, pause for a moment to truly cherish your existence in the here and now.

When you do this, suddenly the day won’t feel like such a royal waste of time after all.

Quite the opposite, it is a finite day in your finite life. Thus, instead of losing your time hating it, embrace it for the existential blessing it truly is.

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7. Youth is a state of mind

Quites to Stay Motivated

Let’s face facts. We grow old, our bodies start to move slower, and our faces start to sag. Physical ageing is an impossible battle to win.

However, what we can control is how we choose to see the world around us. In this sense, even as our bodies age, we are free to stay young at heart.

As children, our imaginations knew no bounds. Even the smallest things would excite us.

However, the older we grew, the more ‘grounded’ we were taught to be as adults. In other words, society conditioned us to lose our sense of wonderment.

But must this always be the case? We don’t think so.

For example, instead of seeing Monday as a drag, you could try approaching the day as a chance to try new things, both at work and after. You could take more interest in finding out more about your colleagues, or even go to a diner you’ve never eaten at before – among other countless inquisitive things.

In short, it’s entirely possible to be ‘grown up’ while keeping a youthful attitude. Embrace your curiosity and eagerness to experience life anew, every day.

After all, it sure beats feeling old and being boring.

8. Be true to yourself

Quotes about Self Love Working Hard Morning

Being fake is so exhausting. It takes so much energy to pretend to be someone you’re not.

To put it differently, keeping up with inauthentic appearances takes away time from being who you really are.

In light of this, don’t ‘fake’ yourself at work for the sake of approval. You don’t want to be a yes-(wo)man who merely echoes the opinions of others. When you do this, you aren’t really contributing anything new.

Instead, express yourself by offering honest but constructive feedback to help improve work issues or situations. Share your true thoughts and be authentic in ways that solve problems.

Of course, not everyone will love you for this, since some people can’t handle honesty.

However, ultimately, your willingness to give your genuine views and ideas brings so much more to the work table. In time, you’re likely to be valued as an asset to your office (and if not, there are always other jobs!).

Mondays (and all other days) will most definitely be more enjoyable if you free yourself from pretenses. Let go of the drag of inauthenticity.

9. Don’t be a victim to circumstance

Motivational Monday Quotes Morning Work

Among motivational Monday quotes, Mark Caine’s wise words ring especially true for many real-world situations.

The truth is we don’t always have the power to change our entire work environment for the better. For example, you may be stuck with less than ideal work colleagues.

However, you can choose to rise above your surroundings, and not limit yourself to the status quo.

For example, if a colleague is slacking off, don’t lower yourself to his or her standards. Instead, seize the chance to stand out by working smarter and just doing a better job.

In other words, his / her loss is your potential gain.

Ideally, the right people will start to notice your efforts and reward you accordingly.

Or, if that doesn’t happen, you’ll at least have a clear conscience from knowing you tried your best. In addition, you’ll also pick up extra work skills that others have missed out on.

This comes from living up to your own potential – not those set by less efficient people around you.

So, the next time Monday morning comes around, use the day as an opportunity to adapt, evolve, and push for the results you want. Don’t be a whinger and sell yourself short because of your environment.

10. Stay hungry and give it your all

Motivational Quotes about Work

Monday can feel like a haze if we lack the structure and willpower to make the most of the day.

By contrast, try taking some time in the morning to run through a mental checklist of the things you want to accomplish within the week.

You don’t have to go overboard by planning to do too many things. However, try to at least include tasks that challenge you to be productive and consistent.

In other words, be determined to get things done, as much as you realistically can.

Don’t do this simply to appease your boss or workmates. Rather, stay focused for the sake of knowing you’re giving your optimal performance – with no need for excuses.

The more you do this, the better you’ll feel about yourself and your work quality. This will increase your confidence in your professional abilities.

You’ll also go to bed feeling more satisfied, whether it’s a Sunday, Monday, or any day of the week.

11. Hit that reset button

Quotes about a new start

Things don’t always go our way.

For example, you may have worked hard on a company deal – only for things to fall through at the last minute. Or maybe a project you were working on didn’t deliver the results you were hoping for.

That’s life. It happens.

However, just remember it’s not really the end of the world.

Thus, instead of being weighed down by prior disappointments, try to think of each new Monday as a new start – a beginning of fresh weekly opportunities for success.

Good things come to those who learn to let go and persevere. Don’t cling onto letdowns and you’ll stay optimistic while learning from the past.

Know of more great motivational Monday quotes to overcome those dreary mornings? Share them in the comments section below!

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