Feed Noodle brings you happy news, stories, and lists to cheer up any day!

Bad news bombards our headlines. So much so it’s hard for most people to stay positive.

However, we believe in balance. That’s why our goal here is to share stuff that brings a little love, laughter, and kindness to people’s lives.

Our mission is simple: to make you smile from reading feel-good articles about real-life people, cute animals, culture, and all the wonderful things that make life worth living.

Welcome to our little corner of the Internet. Sit back, relax, and feed yourself with a happy Noodle or two!

Feed Noodle‘s happy news team

Happy News Adlin Zainal

Adlin Zainal is a co-founder of Feed Noodle – and an advocate for happy news!

A self-taught digital marketer by day and crazy cat lady by night, she can often be found watching unhealthy amounts of Netflix, re-reading Stephen King novels, or plotting new ways to kill her Sims.

She currently lives in Japan with her cat, @korokkechan

Happy News Levan Wee

Dr. Levan Wee is the other co-founder of Feed Noodle and, like Adlin, is an avid sharer of happy news. The two of them met for the first time at a funeral (for real).

In 2018, Levan graduated with a Doctorate in Cultural Anthropology – a degree which he promptly… never actively used (LOL). Instead, he opted to create over-the-top YouTube videos for Bobby The Sheep, with the hope to make kids laugh.

Levan also works as a social media strategist for clients from all walks of life. He mostly manages people’s Instagram accounts… despite not having one of his own!

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