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18 DIY IKEA Hacks For Pets That Will Transform Your Home

Clever and simple IKEA hacks your home pets will love.

Ever wanted to buy a cat tower for your kitties or a feeding station for your dog, and balked at the price? Or maybe the aesthetics just don’t fit with the rest of your house. Well, that’s where IKEA hacks for pets come in.

IKEA is one of the most popular furniture and lifestyle brands in the world, operating over 300 storefronts in 38 countries. And what’s not to love about IKEA? Their goods follow the clean and minimalistic philosophy found in Scandinavian design, have funky names like KALLAX, are very affordable, and best of all: they are super versatile. That versatility is exactly what allows us to ‘hack’ the furnitures to create pieces that best suit our (and our pet’s) needs!

We’ve put together our list of favorite DIY IKEA pet hacks to help you transform your homes and elevate your pets’ lives!

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1. DIY Cat Litter Cabinet

Scooping cat litter is part and parcel of being owned by a cat, but we just wish litter boxes were a little more… aesthetic, or maybe even multi-functional. This is where the DIY Cat Litter Cabinet by The Homebody House comes in. It transforms a classic Brusali cabinet into a nook for your cat to do their business in private, with a shelf for plastic bags, and a hook on the side for the scoop! It’s an elegant solution to our litter woes…

2. Dog Crate Bedside Table

Dog Crate Bedside Table IKEA Hacks for Pets
Photo by IKEA Hackers

Ah, dog crates. If you have a pup, you’ve probably struggled to find a place for it that’s quiet and gives your pooch the comfort they need. This is why the bedside table dog crate hack by IKEA Hackers is so ingenious. It transforms a GULLIVER changing table into a hideaway for your dog that’s both beautiful and multifunctional. The best part? It doubles up as a bedside table, so it’s double the shelf space if you live in a small apartment!

3. IKEA Shelf Catio

There are many great reasons to think about getting a catio. If you have an indoor cat, it’s a fantastic way for your kitty to get some outdoor time while still being safe from predators or traffic. But, catios can be expensive! Instead, try out this IKEA shelf hack from Cuteness, which uses Hejne shelves to create an outdoor playground. This is highly customizable — you can add a door from the outside, cat grass, and more.

4. KALLAX Shelf Gerbilarium

KALLAX Shelf Gerbilarium IKEA Hacks
Photo by IKEA Hackers

Here’s one for our rodent friends! Gerbil enclosures and hamster cages are tiny and just don’t provide the right amount of enrichment for our favorite critters. This mammoth enclosure for gerbils by IKEA Hackers, however, is just perfect! Using classic IKEA Kallax shelves, this hack transforms the top four shelf rows into an incredible habitat for your rodent. This leaves the bottom row open to store food, bedding, and more!

5. LACK Cat Tree

Cats love to perch up high and watch (or, to be honest, judge…) us. There are many types of cat towers and cat trees available, but we’re a big fan of this minimalist cat tree by Tatiana’s Delights. It uses LACK shelves, which can be dressed up with brackets of your choice. Then, throw on a nice comfy rug (cut to size) and your cat will enjoy lounging on its rightful throne.

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6. Crate Dog Steps

Crate Dog Steps IKEA Hack
Photo by IKEA Hackers

We all love cuddling with our doggies on the couch. But, for some dogs, it can actually be quite difficult to even get up on the couch, such as older dogs. There are some commercial dog steps out there but we much prefer these gorgeous crate ones from IKEA Hackers. Made from KNAGGLIG crates and fabric, this DIY project will have your pup up and on the couch in no time.

7. Kitty Window Lounger

Kitty Window Lounger IKEA
Photo by IKEA Hackers

Kitties love to lounge by the windows, looking out at the world while planning their takeover. But traditional cat condos can get pricey or carpets can easily get ruined. Instead, customize your own cat condo with just a few LACK tables! You can include your own cat beds, put on your own carpets, and even use rope around the legs as a scratching post. Check out this easy example here.

8. Rabbit Hutch Cabinets

DIY Bunny Hutch IKEA
Photo by IKEA Hackers

Why are commercial bunny hutches so hard to fit into the aesthetics of our home? Well, with just a BESTA cabinet, you can make your own hutch that’ll look great and still be a great home for your bunny! This DIY bunny hutch by IKEA Hackers might require a bit more work, but it’ll be all worth it when you see how much your bunny loves it.

9. Stepladder Cat Hammock

Cat Tower Hammock IKEA Hacks for Pets
Photo by IKEA Hackers

We love hammocks, so why wouldn’t our cats? Let your kitty lounge like the true royalty that it is with this multipurpose cat tower by IKEA Hackers that also comes with its very own hammock! Using just a BEKVAM stepladder, your cat will have a cushion to relax on, a hammock to stretch out in, and some rope to use as a scratcher.

10. Elevated Food Bowl Stand

Elevated Food Bowl Stands IKEA
Photo by Little Victorian

Elevated food bowls are all the rage right now, but they don’t come cheap. There are many quick and easy ways to raise food bowls — using overturned containers, boxes, and more. But, this doggy (or kitty) food station by Little Victorian offers a more permanent and classy solution!

Looking for more IKEA hacks for pets? Here are more ideas for you!

Litter Box Cabinets

Kitty Litter Box Cabinet IKEA Hack
Photo by Salty Canary

Here’s another variation of the litter box cabinet we shared, this time using a longer IKEA PS to hide away your kitty’s toilet. This would make it perfect for multiple litter boxes! Get the hack here.

Kitty Litter Box Cabinet IKEA Hack
Photo by IKEA Hackers

This version has an opening by the top, so it helps if you are having trouble with your kitty tracking litter everywhere! Check out the instructions here.


Photo by IKEA Hackers

KALLAX shelves are one of our favorite hack furnitures! Here, you simply take a 4 by 4 unit and transform it into a dog bed for big dogs. Get the hack here.

Coffee Table Cat Hammock

Coffee Table Cat Hack
Photo by IKEA Netherlands

Here’s a hack from IKEA themselves! Using just fabric and the right coffee table, you can create a hammock for your kitty so you both can relax while watching TV. Get the hack here!

Crate Dog Bed

This simple IKEA pet hack takes a KNAGGLIG crate and turns it into a comfy bed for your puppy! It also looks rustic and is very easily customizable. Find out how to make it here.

LACK Cat Tower

Photo by IKEA Hackers

If the big kitty window lounger wasn’t for you, maybe this one might be. It’s smaller, more compact, and all-round gorgeous. Check it out here!

Doggy Window Perch

Dog Window Perch IKEA Hack
Photo by IKEA Hackers

Lounging by the window is not just for kitties! Help your dog enjoy looking outside with this ingenious hack that combines steps and a perch. Learn how here.

Kitty Cozy Corner

Kitty Cozy Corner IKEA Hack
Photo by IKEA Hackers

Create a home base for your kitty with KALLAX shelves! It is a hidden toilet, cat house, and feeding station all in one. Get the hack here.

Know any other IKEA hacks for pets? Leave them down in the comments below!


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