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17 Ridiculously Cute Cats and Dogs to Fall in Love With!

Famous Instagram cats and dogs that’ll make you go “awwww!”

Cute Cats and Dogs List

I don’t know about you… but cute cats and dogs always cheer up my day. Whether it’s their adorable noses or innocent big eyes, my heart melts with every “aww” inducing picture I see. Famous Internet cats and dogs always turn my stress into “yes!”

I’m guessing you feel exactly the same – which is why you’re here in the first place. So, without further ado, here are a few gorgeous photos of 17 of the sweetest, most cuddly cats and dogs online. Guaranteed to perk up your day!

P.S. RIP Grumpy Cat. We miss you.

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1. Snoopybabe

Photo credit: @snoooopybabe

With more than 301k Instagram followers, Snoopybabe is a bonafide feline celebrity. But of course, it’s easy to see why. I mean, just look at those delightfully chubby cheeks! I just want to squish them with love. And that deep cleft too. Somebody’s a fur ball of cuteness!

Snoopybabe also knows how to rock any kitty outfit, albeit with those adorable “I’d rather be somewhere else” eyes.

While no longer active on Instagram, you’ll be able to find Snoopybabe and owner over on Weibo, China’s popular social media platform.

Cute Cats and Dogs 1
Photo credit: @snoooopybabe

2. Cookie

Cute Cats and Dogs 2
Photo credit: @oliasaunders

Owned by talented blogger / photographer Olia Saunders, Cookie is one of the cutest and most photogenic poodles you’ll ever find on Instagram. Cookie is no rookie when it comes to infectious affection!

Whether eyeing a stack of delicious vegan pancakes or sniffing flowers, you’ll always find Cookie smiling with absolute joy. Interesting fun fact: Cookie only enjoys drinking and eating from ‘human utensils’, never doggy bowls.

Famous Instagram Dogs
Photo credit: @oliasaunders

3. Suki the Adventure Cat

Cute Cats and Dogs Suki
Photo Credit: @sukiicat / @enchanted.forest

Suki is a shoo-in for our list of cute cats and dogs. Just look at her exquisite Bengal beauty!

What makes this smartly striped kitty all the more unique is her bold, wanderlust spirit. Suki bravely travels all over the world with her adventurous owner, who takes photos of her feline friend set against stunning nature backdrops.

Envious, much?

4. Chewie

Beautiful Instagram Dogs
Photo Credit: @hi_im_chewie

Insta-famous Chewie always has an eager-to-please smile on his face. This pomeranian sure knows how to work that camera!

With more than 108k followers, Chewie delights his fans by posing with delicious food, sharing his cute #OOTD, or simply basking in lovely sunshine. His trademark pose: sticking his paw out, just to say a friendly ‘hi’!

Cute Cats and Dogs 4
Photo Credit: @hi_im_chewie

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5. Maru

Instagram Cat Accounts
Photo Credit: @maruhanamogu

Maru is a Scottish Fold cat who simply loves his boxes – even when he’s way too big to fit.

He’s also been certified as one of the most viewed cats on Youtube, even clinching a Guinness World Record some years ago. Us humans just have a thing for re-watching Suki jump in and out of boxes, again and again… and again.

When it comes to cute cats and dogs, Maru is no doubt one of the most famous with hundreds of millions of views and a whooping 282k Instagram followers. Well done, kitty!

6. Doug the Pug

Cute Kittens and Puppies 2
Photo Credits: @itsdougthepug

Doug the Pug is a true globe-trotting celebrity. Many fortunate everyday humans – such as the cast of Stranger Things and Demi Lovato – have had the privilege of meeting this canine sweetheart in the flesh. Lucky them!

This pawsome pug is especially known for his cute parodies of pop culture, such as that iconic sewer scene from It.

With a staggering 3.8 million Instagram followers, I’m pretty sure Doug the Pug will be running for President soon. He’s got my vote!

Cute Kittens and Puppies 1
Photo Credits: @itsdougthepug

7. Monty

Monty’s special condition means he was born without a nasal bone. This makes his kitty face a little flatter and wider than most other cats. I think he’s absolutely adorable just the way he is!

Adopted by two caregiving humans, Monty’s rise to fame has helped to inspire greater awareness of other special needs cats around the world.

While he may look a little grumpy on the outside, Monty is actually a really friendly cat who happily waits to greet his beloved homosapien Daddy whenever he gets home. Such a sweetie pie!

Famous Internet Cats
Photo Credit: @monty_happiness

8. Tuna

Cute Cats and Dogs 7
Photo Credit: @tunameltsmyheart

Tuna is a beautiful underdog with an overbite!

Abandoned by a roadside as a pup, Tuna was adopted at a farmer’s market by Courtney Dasher, who immediately took to his one-of-a-kind looks. Others felt the same – and it wasn’t long before Tuna became an epic Instagram sensation.

Tuna now sparks joy in the hearts of more than 2.1 million loyal followers, just from being his natural wide-eyed, adorably goofy self. His ‘rags to riches’ story makes him a true hero for cute cats and dogs everywhere!

Photo Credit: @tunameltsmyheart

9. Nala

Famous Internet Cats and Dogs 4
Photo Credit: @nala_cat

Nala is most known for her purrrrrfect round eyes and her innocent curiosity. She’s also a long-time Instagrammer, being among the first feline profiles on the platform.

Nala started her humble life in a cat shelter. She was eventually adopted by a loving owner, who was inspired to name her kitty after her favorite Lion King character.

Now with 4.2 million cat lovers following her, Nala is as pretty as she is hardworking. Thanks to her popularity, she now allegedly earns more than $15,000 per sponsored post. That’s a lot of dough for a cat!

Famous Internet Cats 2
Photo Credit: @nala_cat

10. Bodhi

Menswear Dog
Photo Credit: @mensweardog

Among the many cute cats and dogs, Bodhi has to be the most well-dressed! This impeccable fella knows how to impress with his classy men’s suits, casual wear, and other fashion hits.

Most days, you’ll find Bodhi smiling for the camera. However, like any professional model, this doggy knows how to dial up his ‘serious charm’ whenever he adorns ’em cool shades!

Photo Credit: @mensweardog

11. Lil BUB

Lil BUB Famous Cat
Photo Credit: @iamlilbub

Sometimes, it takes a cute cat to show us how our ‘weaknesses’ can secretly be our biggest strength.

Burn with dwarfism, no teeth, and an under-formed jaw, Lil BUB’s distinct appearance has helped to propel her to massive Internet stardom. Due to her health condition, her tongue always hangs out – making her even more fawn-worthy!

Lil BUB is also a real trooper. Originally expected to live for only six months. she has now turned eight years old. In addition, this feline inspiration has also helped to raise over $700,000 for homeless animals everywhere.

Above all else, Lil BUB and her caring owner Mike Bridavsky share a very special bond – which really shines through in interviews like below. Awwww!

Here are a few more cute cats and dogs to fall in love with!

12. Norbert

Norbert The Dog
Photo Credit: @norbertthedog

Gosh, those playful eyes! Need. To. Hug. Norbert. Need canine therapy, pronto.

13. Coffee aka Mr. White

Cute Cats and Dogs 8
Photo Credit: @white_coffee_cat

Dear Mr. White, you look extremely perplexed. That’s ok. Life is confusing to me, too.

14. Marnie

Adorable Famous Puppies
Photo Credit: @marniethedog

All tongue and no bite makes Marnie a good girl!

15. Waffles

Adorable Online Cats
Photo credit: @waffles_the_cat

Those adorable folded ears and big “hold me” eyes. I can’t even. Waffles, I love you!

16. Loulou

Loulou the Dog
Photo Credit: @loulouminidachshund

Loulou the ultra friendly dog is a pal with everyone! Not just with humans, too.

17. Hamilton

Nice to meet you, Sir Hamilton. My, what a regal moustache you have!

Know other famous and cute cats and dogs online? Leave a comment to share your feline / canine love!

Drop us a line if you’d like your Instagram cat / dog featured!

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