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15 Scarrrrily Yummy Halloween Dessert Recipes (Ideas with Pictures!)

Sweet spooky desserts to light up your Halloween!

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Halloween is by far our most beloved time of the year. Why? Because the Feed Noodle team gets to binge on tons of cheesy B-grade scary movies without guilt. But even better, we’re also free to literally binge on some of the best Halloween dessert recipes ever.

This is the season where food bloggers go nuts with sharing treats that are as temptingly sweet as they are gruesomely creative. Seriously, who doesn’t want to gobble up sugared spiders, eyeballs, and skulls? We can’t resist – and we know you feel the same!

To indulge in your sinful craving, here are 15 Halloween dessert recipes you’ll want to try this year. Most are easy to make with minimal kitchen fuss. They’re also guaranteed to amuse the kids and party guests – that is, if you don’t polish off these candied delights on your own before everyone else. Naughty!

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Yummy Halloween Dessert Recipes to try!

Take a stab at this

Photo credit: Culinary Ginger

Have you always wanted to eat a cake that’s shaped like a skull – with a dagger stabbed through it?

Hey, us too, ever since we were kids (no, seriously). That’s why Janette’s creation is so deviously awesome.

This cake can be skillfully (skullfully?) made with fondant, cake mix / paint, red gel frosting and… an actual dagger – which can probably double up as a dessert slicer.

Janette’s Halloween centerpiece will most surely get your guests talking as they eagerly chomp on the sweet ‘bones’ of whoever this skull used to belong to. RIP, poor soul.

You can find this Halloween dessert recipe @ Culinary Ginger. It’s a breeze to follow.

If Dr. Frankenstein’s monster was a cheesecake…

… he’d probably look a little something like this cute, green, bug-eyed fella!

Created by Isabel over at Sunday Supper Movement, her delightful mini ‘monster’ cheesecakes are made from Oreos (the crust), chocolate (including chips and sprinkles), cream cheese, and other easy-to-find ingredients. Here’s the full recipe.

Some of you may ask: why is Dr. Frankenstein’s monster frowning? Is he sad?

Well, think about it: if you knew humans were going to eat you alive for Halloween, wouldn’t you be frowning too? Yes, lab monsters have feelings, too. It ain’t cheesy to say so – or is it?

Need a hand?

Best Halloween Dessert Recipes Easy 3
Photo credit: Tempting Recipes

We’ve got to… hand it to Amy. She’s done such a fabulous job creating one of the best Halloween dessert recipes we’ve seen.

This super yummy and visually stunning 5-layer chocolate cake is made from easy-to-find baking ingredients, Halloween sweets, and black buttercream icing.

Amy’s detailed instructions on the right way to make black buttercream icing is especially helpful. You can read more about it over at her blog while nabbing the rest of her Halloween recipe.

What’s brewing?

Best Halloween Dessert Recipes Easy 4
Photo credit: Food Meanderings

Terri’s Witches Brew Spumoni Trifle is one of those perfect Halloween dessert recipes for party guests who especially love chewing on worms and eyeballs. Ya know, the usual lot of normal friends.

This spellbinding sweet treat consists of layers of cake, pistachio pudding (yum), whipped cream, and cherry almond cream cheese. Top everything off with minty eyeballs, bubbles, and jello worms and we have a truly bewitching winner here!

Check out Terri’s award-winning recipe here.

Also check out: (Food ideas) 10 rare Taco Bell menu items from across the world.

You can never have TOMB much Halloween desserts!

Photo credit: Spice Cravings

You won’t be making a grave mistake with Aneesha’s graveyard-themed chocolate mousse.

Topped with cookie ‘dirt’ and vanilla cookie ‘tombstone’, this rich mousse is a no-bake, minimal fuss, 6-ingredient Halloween dessert that’ll pique anyone’s morbid interest.

Not only does her dessert taste great, it also takes only 15 minutes to prepare. Perfect for last-minute party planners like us. Go grab Aneesha’s recipe!

Get a head (s)tart!

Halloween Dessert Ideas for Adults
Photo credit: Mom Foodie

Life hack: desserts always taste better when you’re simultaneously biting into little tiny heads.

This Voodoo themed recipe by Robin of Mom Foodie is a delicious apple tart that brims with a mix of cranberries and walnuts. Sweet and crunchy for the win!

The heads themselves are actually carved out of apples that are shrunken from oven-baking. Kinda gives new meaning to getting your head checked by a… shrink?

Baked as s***!

Photo credit: Allergy Free Alaska

The best Halloween dessert recipes don’t always have to be about monsters, ghouls, and other creaturish things. Sometimes, good ‘ol fashioned poop can be even more frightening!

Created by Mēgan of Allergy Free Alaska, these poop emoji cupcakes are made of coffee-flavored frosting that perfectly compliments the chocolate base. Smearing your mouth with sweet ‘poop’ has never tasted better!

Plus, Mēgan’s recipe is completely gluten-free. Your intestines will thank you.

Other freakishly great Halloween dessert recipes to try!

Halloween cheesecake recipe
Photo credit: The TipToe Fairy

Halloween-colored Monster Mash Cheesecake Bars recipe imagined by Stephanie @ The TipToe Fairy. You eye these treats as they eye you!

No-bake Halloween dessert
Photo credit: Swirls of Flavor

These no-bake spooky spider cookies will cure your arachnophobia. Go visit food blogger maestro Gwynn @ Swirls of Flavor for this quick-and-easy Halloween creation.

Halloween Popcorn
Photo credit: Easy Mom Meals

Scary movies are much more fun to watch when munching on some delicious orange and black sweet Halloween popcorn. Check out the breeze-to-make recipe by Shari @ Easy Mom Meals.

Turn the tables on ’em zombies by eating their brains! A super creative recipe from classically trained pastry chef Nicole over @ Windy City Dinner Fairy.

Best Halloween Dessert Recipes Easy 5.jpg
Photo credit: What A Girl Eats

The only thing better than spiders are spiders on top of peanut butter cookies. Let Cynthia @ What A Girl Eats show you how to make them!

Oreo Truffle Eyeballs
Photo credit: The Suburban Soapbox

People will surely eyeball these no-bake Oreo truffle eyeballs from across the room. Steal a peak at the recipe by Kellie @ The Suburban Soapbox.

Photo credit: Nibble and Dine

These ‘windowpane’ cookies by Kate @ Nibble and Dine can double up as Halloween ornaments. Shine a light through the hard candy windows for a fun spooky effect – then eat ’em!

Best Halloween Treats Recipe
Photo credit: Lathi’s Kitchen.

These chocolates are literally jam-packed with ‘bloody’ strawberry jam on the inside that ooze out when you bite into them. Let Lathiya @ Lathi’s Kitchen show you how to make this Halloween dessert.

Got more Halloween dessert recipes to share? Drop them in the comments section below, why don’t ya!

15 Scarrrrily Yummy Halloween Dessert Recipes (Ideas with Pictures!)


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